software developer

Unbeatable game of Tic-tac-toe (you can still try though).
Software Renderer
Rendering pipeline implemented entirely in the CPU.
Pixel Rush
Frenzy actions and reckless runs are waiting for you in this running game full of retro magic! Avoid deadly holes, jump myriad of obstacles and remember: in the end, only one will survive… or maybe not even one!
Made with Cocos2d-x (C++)
Vanished is an audio-only horror game. Haunted by strange memories and surrounded by dark presences, you'll realize that the only way to unveil the mysteries of this world will be to descend in the darkest depths of it.
Made with Unity (C#)
Hyper Maze Arcade
Hyper Maze Arcade is the evolution of the classic maze game. A new type of game that takes inspiration from a classic game concept and innovates it to a whole new level.
Made with Unity (C#).
Evil Cupido
A game developed in 3 days for the Ludum Dare 32 competition.
Made with Unity (C#).